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Use the mouse to emulate the touchscreen at the bottom of the screen.
Play better on the phone. You can download APK for Android.
support the developer on paypal and download sourcecode
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New update: -Add Lederboard!
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Eugor (等级 13) 2019-08-26
my record is 46. is it good? My tips:
1 add new things like special combos or magic cube, etc.
2 you just posted a very ugly screenshot it. replace it and add new ones
3 why your page has a so long url? probably there is another game with the same name or you created the page twince.
4 contact the staff to add the leaderboard online (check the events area)
mazzutakgame (等级 13) 2019-08-26
The graphics is cute and polish, but the gameplay is not original, add some feature on gameplay like a beam freeze some cubes or power up for make combo. Keep It up 3/5
Gatsu87 (等级 14) 2019-08-26
If you move the touch in the top of the screen, it doesn't work. It works only if you use the bottom area. Fix it
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