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Mindless touch-game. Gather gold, save the princess, don't die. Any suggestions on what to add to make it better, leave a comment.
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Added venomous spider and Simon the rat.
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Blackthorn Profile (2029 寶石) 2019-10-12

Ideas: OLD MAN - gives quests like... "Slay 2 knights for 20 gold" Maybe you have to buy the quests. MERCHANT - wants to buy half your food for 20 gold? GAMBLING - you can do a open 1 of 3 chest games to win double of random item like swords, gold, food. RED DRAGON/BEAST - takes 2 swords or does 6 damage. Companions? "Steve the Knight died to save your life"

Staff (2957 寶石) 2019-10-11

tell us if you want the Score System also for this game! :)

TheKingpin (1134 寶石) 2019-10-11

I love u, @Blackthorn

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