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This is the free demo of Brutal MooD™. It's a fast-paced top-down bloody shooter that features classic elements of games from nineties. You are the only soldier who survived the demonic invasion. Fight your way through hordes of possessed comrades and hellish creatures using the old-school arsenal (including Shotgun and Plasmagun). Bring zombies down with a buck shot of steel!
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Brutal MooD
Brutal MooD
Brutal MooD
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Red-Cube Profile (168 寶石) 2018-04-12

Hell yeah! Now this is what I'm really hoping for to be finished. Will there be an expert mode with very high damage values? (Like in Hotline Miami)

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Best IndieGames (3970 寶石) 2018-04-09

This game is in the video about the Top 6 Best Indie Games of March 2018

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quizcanners Profile (661 寶石) 2018-04-08

Glorious. If Hotline Miami was a Doom game) Well executed. Suggestions: Auto-swap guns when out of ammo; On later stages I would expect stronger monsters who can kill with a few shots, but their projectiles are slower and can be avoided. Some auto-aiming, especially when enemy is near - that is when it's hard to recognize what is going on. Also I was making a voxel-based topdown shooter years back, some thoughts:

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Brutal MooD
Brutal MooD
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