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Bad Fall

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Bad Fall is the first in a series of three mini-games we are creating as part of the Bad Pad family. The mini-games are based on parts of the core mechanics from Bad Pad with extra features added to make them stand as a game on their on, also the control scheme is slightly simpler and there is touch support so you can play it on your mobile/tablet too!
Bad Fall
Bad Fall
Bad Fall
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Jonathan Fish (7709 寶石) 2016-08-15

distance 1200 :D it's very nice ! bonus, malus... it's detailed very well ! Good work ! also the ux is perfect ! you can add also it here (in a zip) to play it easily and fastly. The sprite rocks ! :D

BigHero (1621 寶石) 2016-04-03

Nice game ! Even if the first art when you play the game is totaly different from the gameplay :P

Bad Fall
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