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Among The Trees

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日发布: 2020/07/27



"What is happening above us every day? Is there a god or someone else?"
Play as Daniel and come into the new, creepy, weird and unusual world. With twists and secrets at every corner, our game will scare or thrill you. And every story have a beginning, but will there be a good or a bad ending - it's only your choices. And remember.HE is watching you from everywhere.
语言: Русский  
Among The Trees
Among The Trees
Among The Trees
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LesGrossman (等级 12) 2020-07-30
Is it a jumpscared?
TyrionL (等级 14) 2020-07-27
is the game also in english? It's selected only russian language
Fellowplayer (等级 22) 2020-07-27
Woow, glad to see you are here. anyone curious about this game should give it a try.
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