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Secret of Grandeur

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Azure's mother died when she gave birth and was raised by her father. She grew up to become a magical prodigy. Until...
Made with RPG Maker MV
Only a Demo
ภาษา: English  
Secret of Grandeur
Secret of Grandeur
Secret of Grandeur
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AngelStarStudio (เลเวล 8) 2020-10-09
Whoa! This looks really cool
Myrkvidr (เลเวล 14) 2020-06-12
i would highly recommend that you get a plugin that resizes the game to fit the browser window. I tried to play but i dont want to have to be in full screen all the time. looks decent though
Kaen999 ยืนยันแล้ว (เลเวล 19) 2019-09-26
I gonna love to play the completed game...
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