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Gaarco (เลเวล 6) 2019-12-04
Seems cool, but I can't judge a demo
DANILO MUMMOLO (เลเวล 10) 2019-07-26
congratulations for the sound part
Step (เลเวล 9) 2017-01-01
Will this demo always free ? Or do you want to remove it?
Step (เลเวล 9) 2017-01-01
Me too!!
iamhere (เลเวล 13) 2017-01-01
Supported on kick-starter !!
iamhere (เลเวล 13) 2016-12-02
one of the best with MV !
SwordMan (เลเวล 8) 2016-11-27
Very nice work ! And it's still a demo ! Wow ! What are the next features ?
Crazy Player GM (เลเวล 8) 2016-11-21
ahahah very nice work !!!
BloodMichael93 (เลเวล 8) 2016-11-19
cema12 (เลเวล 8) 2016-11-07
No news ? I played the old version... What are the new features?
9tk (เลเวล 6) 2016-11-04
very good demo, quite earthbound-esque imo. nice pixel art, too-
i have to make time to play this one properly some time.
love the oddly misleading name.
geod_3 (เลเวล 10) 2016-10-08
very cool ! nice work !
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