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Maggie's Grinning Soul

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In Maggie's Grinning Soul, you play Yolanda, a psychic investigator hired by the police to help solve the case of the unexplained death of a teenage girl named Margaret. Lead your investigation by inspecting items in Margaret room.
Use the mouse or the pad to click on the items and the questions.
Made by 8 students from CNAM-ENJMIN and Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle for #LDJAM37
ภาษา: English  
Maggie's Grinning Soul
Maggie's Grinning Soul
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Freank ยืนยันแล้ว (เลเวล 17) 2018-04-10
oh, but the main character is inspired by Matthew McConaughey in #truedetective! Wow. Great work! The artist is so good! I hope to see new game @pox! Inspired by other #tvseries!
Luis (เลเวล 17) 2018-01-21
Oh my god - I am so flashed about your game. I can’t belief but I had to give you best score I’ve given so far, deserved!
Fellowplayer (เลเวล 23) 2018-01-04
Good artwork in this game.
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