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Name: ChickLife
Developers: Nodari Kobakhidze (codder) & Luka Nadirashvili(Art)
About Game:
This game is about chick, from life to death. Game contains 5 Levels (Only 2 of them have been developed, more in future). Every next level you play as more progressed chick (For example, you are egg in first level and small chick in second). The game is really funny and small. I'll be adding more levels in future.
The game have been developed by 15 and 16 years old young game developers (Me, Nodari Kobakhidze 15 years old and my partner, Luka Nadirashvili, 16 years old) , in 24 hours, in Georgia (country). Thanks to Ilia State University for letting us use their place to develop our game.
Everything you see in game have been created by us, whole asset have been created by us (except Background Music). We even made animations but hadn't enough time left for controllers to control animations.
Hope you'll like our game and please leave us feedback (what should we improve).
Also we included source code, so if you're begginer and interested how we made this game then download source code and test it yourself.
For any questions contact me on this email:
Thank you.
ภาษา: English  
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OverDawn-2K (เลเวล 5) 2020-01-05
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