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TTD (Tactical Tower Def.)

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Publicerades den: 2019/12/07

Browser Game


A mix of Tower Defense with Tactical game
#towerDefense #tactical
Språk: English  
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TTD (Tactical Tower Def.)
TTD (Tactical Tower Def.)
Kommentarer 4
Formateringshjälp 380
kalindor (Nivå 13) 2019-12-12
How to play?
Popsan Angel (Nivå 13) 2019-12-10
i don't undestand how to play it. I clicked on the house and I created a man. and then? i clicked on End turn but nothing happens. it's not so friendly
Gaarco (Nivå 6) 2019-12-07
It's impossible to understand what to do
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