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Publicerades den: 2020/05/30

Browser Game


Guida la tua navicella :
Guida nello spazio profondo
e supera gli ostacoli
- Meteoriti
- Navicelle Aliene
- Navicelle senza controllo
e cerca di rinfozare la tua navicella per poter fare più strada possibile
Språk: Italiano  
Kommentarer 2
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Myrkvidr (Nivå 14) 2020-06-15
what is the deal with this? my ship just keeps shooting continuously.. my mouse does nothing and when i move the ship there is no continuous movement at all. it just moves it a few pixels and i have to keep tapping the directional keys to move. needs a lot of work
kalindor (Nivå 13) 2020-06-04
please, add more screenshots
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