Skydancer RPG (ITA-ENG)

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Publicerades den: 2020/06/13


Rpg Maker 2003

You will play as a Tatsuke Sanji, some kind of future samurai stereotype equipped with a futuristic version of a lightsaber and a mecha arm, along with Shin Tanaka, a fearsome master of a deadly martial art that involves the use of Ki's energy to hit his opponents: the "Denryoku jutsu" and other main characters. WIll you manage to save the world from the cyber-apocalypse?
Språk: Italiano   English  
Nyheter: 6
YO! If one of the 3 download link won't work the first time you click on the button, try again, sometimes it flizz. thanks!
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Skydancer RPG (ITA-ENG)
Skydancer RPG (ITA-ENG)
Skydancer RPG (ITA-ENG)
Skydancer RPG (ITA-ENG)
Skydancer RPG (ITA-ENG)
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franco999 (Nivå 13) 2021-01-09
Nessuna novità sulla parte 2?
Loscar (Nivå 8) 2020-10-23
it looks like an old game made using rpgmaker. I played a lot of games like this. Good plot and interesting new mechanics. I like the battle system. You sould improve the design characters. m2c
Coopa (Nivå 10) 2020-08-20
are there still developers that use rpg maker 2003?! really?!
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