Pixel Stories of Dungeon

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Publicerades den: 2017/11/19



Pixel Stories of Dungeon is a roguelike game with pixel art graphics with the ability to buy and sell weapons / items in the stores of the citadel, to capture the enemies to make them your allies, and much more!
Språk: Italiano  
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Pixel Stories of Dungeon
Pixel Stories of Dungeon
Pixel Stories of Dungeon
Pixel Stories of Dungeon
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PowerGaelic (Nivå 3) 2017-11-28
Hello, we use a default asset pack that we've bought but we have made several changes.
TyrionL (Nivå 14) 2017-11-25
did you use the assets from zelda? or are they original?
NovoG (Nivå 10) 2017-11-20
a good pixel art!
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