Nocturne: Rebirth

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Rpg Maker XP

Nocturne: Rebirth (月夜に響くノクターン Rebirth) is a popular 10 to 20-hour (story-wise) dark fantasy JRPG created with RPG Maker XP in 2009. It is notable for
- A highly original ATB battle system
- Touch-based enemy encounters
- Slick battle animations
- A highly versatile character levelling system
- Unique Familiar Summon System
- Almost 100% custom graphics
and more!
Språk: English  
Nocturne: Rebirth
Nocturne: Rebirth
Nocturne: Rebirth
Nocturne: Rebirth
Nocturne: Rebirth
Nocturne: Rebirth
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Zachurrate (Nivå 6) 2020-07-28

YouTube Gameplay
Loving my time with this so far.
evolvgames (Nivå 2) 2020-07-23
Custom assets look great. I am looking forward to playing!
ZvezZKuerten (Nivå 3) 2020-06-18
Any interest in bringing your project to Portuguese-Brazil, 100% free of charge?
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