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Kim's party

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Publicerades den: 2017/12/05



Hello fellows !
Come meet Kim! Her parents are out for their annual High-Kick workshop so she has decided to throw a party. A mother flippin’ birthday party !
But some bad people have picked up her flyers and will be there soon too. But too bad for them, she knows how to fight !
Don’t let them dance, you don’t know them ! Help Kim to kick these dudes and gals out!
Språk: English   Francais  
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Kim's party
Kim's party
Kim's party
Kommentarer 15
Formateringshjälp 380
Theghoul (Nivå 8) 2019-09-02
don't work? pls fix this bug
vinstriano (Nivå 10) 2019-06-22
Cool game!
AnthonyNkl (Nivå 10) 2019-01-09
The thumbnail is looking great!
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