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AmantoSekai (Nivå 3) 2020-07-15
Lookss really good. Also, sci-fi theme is one of my favorite. Subscribed!
Drifterthorn (Nivå 6) 2020-04-25
This game is so good. I could not believe how long the demo was. This is definitely going on my wishlist.
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Agent44 (Nivå 13) 2019-05-05
The best sci-fi platform played. Ever
Coopa (Nivå 10) 2018-11-05
fantastic. I played also the full game!
Luis (Nivå 17) 2018-01-21
great scifi game. I played the game and the design is absolute AMAZING. I'm so sorry to see that this is the only free game made by this studio. :(
thomaei (Nivå 3) 2018-01-09
Nice gamee
Magnus C (Nivå 10) 2017-10-11
the scifi city is great! I like how you used the lights!
TheBigShow (Nivå 12) 2017-08-08
great demo!
MagicOz (Nivå 10) 2017-07-31
The atmosphere is great! Like total recall xD
franco999 (Nivå 13) 2017-07-09
How is going on Steam? It's a very AAA game!
jhonatantp (Nivå 4) 2017-06-19
RealTidus (Nivå 12) 2017-06-15
wow! It's very pro!
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