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Altruism is a metroidvania-esque platformer. Play as 2 companions, Squirt and Lola, as they help each other explore the world and find out what happened to their species. Use shapeshifting powers found within mysterious artifacts to take different forms that will help reach new locations.
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Staff (3375 Ädelstenar) 2017-03-07

Hi in-d gaming, if you change the controls in the main menu (using the arrows and no the mouse), you can add the indiepad support for this game :) so you and your players will have a new way to play Altruism! Using your/their smartphone like a gamepad! Try it ;)

Jonathan Fish (7709 Ädelstenar) 2016-08-14

improve your style. The design and the idea are nice... but the grapichs is too home-made. Try to find free asset in 2D to use ! This can be a very nice game !

The Crazy (1198 Ädelstenar) 2016-06-21

i'm blocked. Now i can transform also the pink chara, so i put her in the corner. Now the blue chara can jump on her and go on. But when he meets the flames is blocked... and i can't move the pink chara... because she can't jump alone. And if i kill the blue chara... he appears with the pink... and the story is the same... >.< So the gameplay is nice. You should improve che graphics. It remembers me this game :

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