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The Chimpanzee Test

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Published on: 2021/08/08


Construct 2

This is the Chimp Test. Click the squares in order according to their numbers. The test will get progressively harder.
Three strikes and the test is over.
This game is played also by famous chess players to improve their skills.
You can play it online and, if you are logged, send online your score. #chimpanzees #memory #scores #exclusive
Jazyk: English  
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Now it works perfectly also on mobile phones & tablets!
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The Chimpanzee Test
The Chimpanzee Test
The Chimpanzee Test
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mazzutakgame (Level 15) 2023-05-17
Gioco molto semplice e carino, ottimo per esercitare la memoria. 5/5
SnakeGDG (Level 6) 2023-01-06
Simple game, perfect for children, in my opinion you can improve on the graphic style
Han (Level 10) 2022-11-07
I am at 10. It is an incredible memory test!
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