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Published on: 16/12/2016



Robbery Inc. is a hard run-escape platformer.
After robbing the wealthiest, richest, biggest bank in the world, help our modern Robin Hood escape from the deadly and sadistic security system. Set in the most dangerous room ever imagined, our "hero" will face many traps imagined by the weirdest engineers.
Will you be able to make it through and buy yourself a nice treat?
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Robbery Inc.
Robbery Inc.
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EncoForge (Úroveň 7) 2017-04-12
Nice i completed it,but i expected it had more longevity,the only thing i didn't like was the character,but it's subjective.I suggest the next time u create a similar game,to add enemies like guards or other robbers that can help u for example on jumping a wall,it would be also cool to have a sort of weapon like a crowbar to open bonus chest scattered on the map,or to destroy some obstacles.
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