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Reed The Robotanist

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Reed the Robotanist is a 3D platformer that focuses on speed and high-risk, high-reward maneuvers, and A love letter to the early 2000s arcade platformers! #platformer #story
Take on the role of Reed Shoots, a plant humanoid, and fight against the iron grip of a megalomaniacal oil baron! Turn up the music, grab your G.U.N., and get to work!
Jazyk: English  
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Reed The Robotanist
Reed The Robotanist
Reed The Robotanist
Reed The Robotanist
Reed The Robotanist
Reed The Robotanist
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Fleurman (Úroveň 15) 2022-08-04
Great game ! It reminds me of Super Monkey Ball. The art is charming, the gameplay is fun and challenging. Keep up the gook work !
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