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Old Fashioned Rinky Dink

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Published on: 2017/07/08



Old Fashioned Rinky Dink is a 2-8 player competitive platformer. It's super simple. Just jump on eachother's heads to score points. All major controllers are supported also. #localmultiplayer #platformer
Jazyk: English  
Old Fashioned Rinky Dink
Old Fashioned Rinky Dink
Old Fashioned Rinky Dink
Old Fashioned Rinky Dink
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franco999 (Level 13) 2017-07-08
To add the indiepad is good only if it's a party game. Is this a party game? xD
Freank Overené (Level 16) 2017-07-08
Nice game! I'm downloading it! So, read about the #indiepad! It can be perfect for this kind of game! So you can play with your friends using their smartphone like own gamepads! Check it out!
CapZero88 (Level 12) 2017-07-08
Oh... but is there also a webgl version?
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