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work, spend and die.. is this the real happiness?
#minimalist #pixel
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work, spend and die.. is this the real happiness? #retro #experimental
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Fleurman (Level 12) 2021-05-07
A great and lucid piece of work ! That is a sad truth for a big part of humanity, but we can still play it like I do in real life (more or less), doing neither work nor spending, just fooling & jumping around and finding happiness in such simple things as the funny physics of the chain or the nice day/night animation until the inevitable death ! The accumulating tombstone is a nice touch.
Freank Overené (Level 16) 2021-04-23
Did you never see this video? XD

YouTube Gameplay
playing your game is not possible to ignore it :)
Yahoo (Level 7) 2021-04-21
i don't like it so much. very repetitive. no bonus, no malus. just going left and right.
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