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Draconian Nexus

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Published on: 25/07/2019



Inspiring by Advanced D&D - Dragonlance - Draconians Nexus is a basic rpg video game.
Use your mind before your fingers, half-elven !
Controls are explained in the credit-intro splashes.
Complete this demo will take at most half an hour of your time.
ready - think - go !
Jazyk: English  
Novinky: 5
It is still far from perfection, everybody knows it. Anyway, none has been able to beat the boss. It is needed to EXP before, so I suggest to fight all the enemies in the wood before facing the boss ;)
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Draconian Nexus
Draconian Nexus
Draconian Nexus
Draconian Nexus
Draconian Nexus
Draconian Nexus
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Yahoo (Úroveň 12) 2022-03-16
I love this retro style! But sadly I am not able to play it on mobile :( it is only for pc...
TenTen92 (Úroveň 10) 2021-03-02
nice game! you should add more animations! nice idea
TyrionL (Úroveň 14) 2020-12-07
great updates. The game looks very different now!
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