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Dark Dithering

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Dark Dithering is an Action Rpg like Zelda, based on Hell, with a funny story set in hell :)
Jazyk: English  
Dark Dithering
Dark Dithering
Dark Dithering
Dark Dithering
Dark Dithering
Dark Dithering
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Eugor (Úroveň 15) 2024-03-24
Played. first of all I want to suggest to improve the description of your game because... IT IS DAMN GOOD! But during the first time, just reading the description I was just "ah.ok. a BOI clone". But not!! It is funny, it is fast, it is good! The artworks and the style (it is not only pixel art, i don't know how to call this style) are great!!! 5/5! Why only a demo T_T can you make it longer? I like it a lot!
flykidsblue1 (Úroveň 10) 2020-08-05
Pretty fun! I really like the cutscenes as well!
Myrkvidr (Úroveň 14) 2020-06-12
very good job. I love the way it feels
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