Play Blind wizard's assistant

Blind wizard's assistant

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Published on: 2020/12/04



Blind wizards assistant is an unique turn based RPG where you play as an assistant to mighty but blind wizard. He enlisted your services to take him to castle of kuruk. In the journey you slowly gain knowledge to create potions which heal and help wizard to fend off the monsters. Become the ultimate potion master and help wizard to conquer the monsters.
#rpg #pixelart
Jazyk: English  
Blind wizard's assistant
Blind wizard's assistant
Blind wizard's assistant
Blind wizard's assistant
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Studio90 Overené (Level 8) 2021-01-03
Hey, I just tried the game, it has some similar ideas to mine. Here is my feedback: I love the trees and the art is quite cool but some big elements like the trees are hiding the player a lot. Music is okay but it becomes annoying very quickly. I like the idea and the potion mixing, but before I make a potion I would like to see what this potion will do. Combat has potential but I think at the moment is pretty simple. Go check out my game and let me know what you think :) Good luck buddy
Tails_Strife Overené (Level 13) 2020-12-05
nicegame system...but for me it based too much on lucky of the player, you must stay half at hour to farm stones for create potion, and then you must fight the final boss, but if the wizard chose the ice magic he didn't do anything to final boss, you will lose and return to the checkpoint...BUT WITHOUT STONES AND POTIONS, too much hard
LesGrossman (Level 12) 2020-12-04
It looks a classic old style rpg. Not playable online?
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