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Legenda Kristal - V1.1

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Опубликовано: 16/03/2018


Rpg Maker MV

Legenda Kristal is an adventure game using a historically accurate Indonesia as a base, to preserve it's history among it's young people. It's story focuses on the struggle of a young man convincing heroes of the past to defeat Dajjal, and his troops, from destroying mankind in the future.
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Языки: English   Bahasa Indonesia  
Что нового: 1
This is my Demo Version Game , You can still buy my full version game in my website . In full version you can get sensation advanture with epic story and epic battle animation
Legenda Kristal - V1.1
Legenda Kristal - V1.1
Legenda Kristal - V1.1
Legenda Kristal - V1.1
Legenda Kristal - V1.1
Legenda Kristal - V1.1
Комментарии 5
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lucyinthespace (Уровень 15) 2018-03-23
it looks very nice
Luis (Уровень 17) 2018-03-20
My 2cents: find a lot of gamers, make an awesome long free demo... And then try to sell it. Now I see just few downloads and comments, it's not a good start to convince to buy this game. Also because there are a lot of free games made with RPG maker. Just my 2 cents
Fry2 (Уровень 12) 2018-03-20
Is it a classic RPG or are there only battles?
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