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Play as a squishy lil' WIZZ in this tough platformer!
Arrow Keys to Traverse
Down to create Resurrection Tower
X to conjure moving platform
Z to shoot magic bolts
M to mute/Unmute
O to decrease volume
P to increase volume
Refresh to restart or play again
Follow me on Twitter @retrowillgames for updates on my latest projects!
Idioma: English  
Novidades: 1
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Deneris (Nível 17) 2022-04-09
Thank you for sharing your game with us all! It looks an interesting platform game!
Freank Validada (Nível 18) 2022-03-06
Very cute game. It remembers me the games made by @Theihe . I love them. But this one is very very hard. I am at the "stage 3". How to go so hight to destroy fastly the wall?! It is impossibile!! My vote is 3/5, but it will be 4/5 if you will improve the difficulty! p.s. if you want to add the indiexpo online leaderboard (it is very easy) join on the Discord server!
Stre93 (Nível 14) 2022-03-04
Played! I don't see the score. The idea of the save point is amazing. But the game is too hard! The first levels should be easier
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