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Transmission Arena

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Publicado em: 2018/02/26



Transmission arena is a free for all brawl for up to four players. The objective of the game is to finish the match wearing the crown, while dodging all other players attacks.Play on the browser in the link https://transmission-arena.firebaseapp.comUse gamepads for better experience. Up to two players can play using the keyboard with AWD+F and Arrows+M.
Idioma: Portugues  
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Web version with Indiepad integration added!!! Just 2 players can play using indiepad for the moment, support for 4 players is in progress! Stay tuned!
Transmission Arena
Transmission Arena
Transmission Arena
Comentários (2)
Ajuda de formatação 380
Fellowplayer Profile (Nível 22) 2018-02-27
Can a PC version be made?
Luis (Nível 17) 2018-02-26
It's playable online and it is multiplayer... Add the indiepad, no?
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