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The Lost Warden is a puzzle RPG that mixes thinking, tactics and dexterity.
Save your allies, thwart conspiracies, discover the mysteries of this world and live the epic adventure of Callum and his friends.
Idioma: English   Francais  
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The game is #complete You can now enjoy the **full** version of this #puzzle game with more than 100 levels for **free** ! We'll now be focusing our efforts on maintaining the game, and making an optimized android version.
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The Lost Warden
The Lost Warden
The Lost Warden
The Lost Warden
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Staff Validada (Nível 16) 2023-08-29
video removed. the link was broken
Gameda (Nível 9) 2020-09-13
Not so bad. Good design, amazing artworks.
Deneris (Nível 17) 2020-09-02
Easy to play and funny! Good work!
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