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Star Catcher (online)

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Publicado em: 2019/03/11


Rpg Maker MV

This is online version of my project.Star Catcher - Is a story about a middle-aged wizard, the schizophrenic Tallanar, who was asked to find a thief who stole some very specific magic and alchemic items to create the ultimate sorcerer. #exclusive
Idioma: English  
Novidades: 9
A new updates were made, however these improvements are not compatible with online version so I highly recommend to download PC version. Full change log - Download rar archive -!7oBTjCza!a1azWBlhP14PvIyyCjmOq8RQkPsjA1iPdxvgXNv6oVI Download zip archive -...
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Star Catcher (online)
Star Catcher (online)
Star Catcher (online)
Comentários (5)
Ajuda de formatação
Soulrender Profile (737 Gemas) 2019-05-11
TenTen92 (698 Gemas) 2019-04-16

the plot and the design is good. What is your bad point? the rtp. you have to replace it using custom resources and your players will grow up. i am sure about this

where_is_love (373 Gemas) 2019-03-23

the plot looks interesting

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