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Snake Ophidia

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Publicado em: 2019/06/26


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Snake game based on the classic snake of the 1970s, plus two new game modes, alternate game mode and extreme gameplay. (Minigame). (By DCastillo). -------------------------------------------------------------- juego Snake basado en el snake clásico de la decada de los 70, mas dos modos de juego nuevos, modo de juego alternativo y modo de juego extremo.(Minijuego).(By DCastillo)
Idioma: English  
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-NEW UPDATE!! In this new Update to Snake Ophidia, several aspects of the game have been fixed and improved as follows: -To get started, from today the HTML5 version for Snake Ophidia search engine is available. What are you waiting for to try it out on your favorite search engine? -One of the most important improvements of this update has been the correction of a...
Snake Ophidia
Snake Ophidia
Snake Ophidia
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KingJhon (4347 Gemas) 2019-06-28

Can you add more screenshots?

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