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Snake 3D for Nokia 3310

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Publicado em: 2020/03/16



#Snake but in 3D but it's the Nokia #3310 version. Created for the Nokia 3310 game jam! Created for the Nokia Game Jam Created for the Nokia Game Jam!
Idioma: English  
Snake 3D for Nokia 3310
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jaco Profile (1560 Gemas) 2020-03-23

i really like this game

Freank Profile (4798 Gemas) 2020-03-18

Nice style, nice design, very fast to play and the idea is great! Good work! P.s. remove the alert about the New Record. Write it directly into the game :)

Grant97 (489 Gemas) 2020-03-17

Wow! I never played this 3d version. Great idea. Just two points: I played it on mobile, it works but I don't know why at the start of the game there is a unity message about it. And, can you make it responsive?

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