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Particle Of Future V1.5.1

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Publicado em: 2016/05/11


Rpg Maker VX ACE

When the end of the world almost happening, the future human create a dimension, that can send something from the future to the past with a hope that the past human can fix the future human errors so that the end of the world can be delayed more or not happening at all, and now the dimension is called the "Particle Of Future" dimension.Bug is expected, Bad Grammar is expected
Idioma: English  
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Unfortunately, this game is on Hiatus state right now... hopefully we can continue this project later, so... enjoy~
Particle Of Future V1.5.1
Particle Of Future V1.5.1
Particle Of Future V1.5.1
Particle Of Future V1.5.1
Particle Of Future V1.5.1
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Staff (Nível 13) 2019-07-02
video removed. it didn't work.
nirwannrs (Nível 3) 2016-12-09
New update! V1.5.1, added new Battle System, more info here :
Jonathan Fish (Nível 16) 2016-08-14
It's nice! You should also add mini game to engage the players. And improve your mapping. Several rooms are very big and empty. Try to do small room with many objects. ;) My 2 cent
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