Nobody in the Altar 1

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Free trial of horror & mystery visual novel published at Comic Market 96 and other coterie events! #visualnovel #horror #mystery #dark
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​**Tell me serious opinions!!** In about 3 weeks ago,I've published a horror visual novel to some indie games websites. The total downloads were reached 50+! :D I decided to recreate the product version of both series in Japanese to English ( ) , (
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Nobody in the Altar 1
Nobody in the Altar 1
Nobody in the Altar 1
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JawsOP (1592 Gemas) 2019-11-09

Sometimes the backgrounds have a very different styles from the characters

LesGrossman (2425 Gemas) 2019-10-12

Why 1? Is it the first chapter? Where is the second one?

Luis (8746 Gemas) 2019-10-04

i love your drawing style!

Nobody in the Altar 1
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