Night Terror - The School

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Publicado em: 2019/12/04



Night Terror - The School is a free point and click horror adventure game about a demon ghost that haunts the school. A short 2d game that requires players to find items to advance through and unfolding the mystery.
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Hi, this is the full game of Night Terror with 2 versions. The other version will require a dollar to buy on itchio.
Night Terror - The School
Night Terror - The School
Night Terror - The School
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GameHauntings (65 Gemas) 2020-01-15

Interesting game, really liked it

Best IndieGames (5062 Gemas) 2020-01-14

This game is in the video about the Top 3 BEST NEW Indie Games of December 2019

Brim (2350 Gemas) 2019-12-31

Are you continuing punkex?

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