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Mindframe Arena

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A turn-based board battler - lead your Tecs on an epic journey through Mindframe Arena
Mindframe combines quirky characters, spell casting and one-on-one challenges - all on a unique tactical game board. Journey to the secret centre of the arena by leading your faction of brave and brilliant Tecs. Each Tec comes with a powerful spell and a power bar for direct challenges.
Idioma: English  
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Mindframe Arena
Mindframe Arena
Mindframe Arena
Mindframe Arena
Mindframe Arena
Mindframe Arena
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Deneris (Nível 16) 2020-03-30
It's very good! Why so few players? :(
Hellboy92 (Nível 9) 2020-03-22
Very good
Freank Validada (Nível 17) 2020-03-18
Damn. On mobile it doesn't work :(
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