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Ku Blast Brawl Alpha

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Ku Blast Brawl is an fast pace shoot'em up action shooter plat-former game. Player will test their ability to run, jump, attack and score points. Defeat the baddies and collect the byte bit coins they drop. Collect enough of them to warp to the next location. Find the hidden weapon and ammo trigger to bring out a new weapon-up item and ammo.
Idioma: English  
Novidades: 3
The game control bug has been fix. Download and play
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Ku Blast Brawl Alpha
Ku Blast Brawl Alpha
Ku Blast Brawl Alpha
Comentários (5)
Ajuda de formatação
Fellowplayer Profile (18630 Gemas) 2018-01-03

This would be pretty good in 3D too :P

indiexpo Addons (1795 Gemas) 2017-11-29
TyrionL (2708 Gemas) 2017-11-25

please, share a new version soon!

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