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Jetpack Kiwi

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Jetpack Kiwi is a classic 2D side scrolling shoot em up game featuring 20 levels, 5 bosses, hordes of enemies spaceships, with multiple characters to choose from; each one with an unique special attack. Complete the game in single player or with a friend in local co-op!
Play the first 4 level and beat the first boss in this engaging demo!!
Idioma: English  
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#steam #jetpackkiwi Jetpack Kiwi is now available on steam! Check it out!
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Jetpack Kiwi
Jetpack Kiwi
Jetpack Kiwi
Jetpack Kiwi
Jetpack Kiwi
Jetpack Kiwi
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Best IndieGames (Nível 17) 2023-08-05
This game is in the video about the Top 4 Best Indie Games of July 2023

YouTube Gameplay
Yahoo (Nível 11) 2023-07-22
Please, make it playable online
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