Havoc Runner 1.26 G

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This is certainly the best job in the entire universe! Be isolated for millions of light years away, in a cold and deserted little world, disarming dangerous weapons automata of a war that never happened ... And best of all: You accidentally pitched all defense systems !! And if you think this is still not enough, now you must escape from a horde of angry machines ...
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Demo Oficial!!!! Good afternoon to everyone! It is with great joy that I am providing the official demo Havoc Runner game on the Windows version, so everyone has the opportunity to play a fraction of this action game with robots. Soon, we are providing the Linux version too! It is clear that there are some bugs to be fixed, but please feel free to test it and express any...
Havoc Runner 1.26 G
Havoc Runner 1.26 G
Havoc Runner 1.26 G
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Zion (2823 Gemas) 2017-01-22

online version no more... ?

Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemas) 2016-08-15

so cool ! good work ! i love the games with the robots ! :D

Reim (593 Gemas) 2016-08-03

Great !!

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Havoc Runner 1.26 G
Havoc Runner 1.26 G
Havoc Runner 1.26 G
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