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Gray is a retro adventure game -- 320x240 graphics in 4C (four colors!), with mesmerzinging original soundtrack, lots of crazy dialogues, informative monologues, ridiculous riddles and good ol' pixel hunting. If you like snide humor, useless trivia and occasional vandalism - you will love this game.
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Jonathan Fish (7709 Gemas) 2016-08-17

nice style !

Destroya Profile (655 Gemas) 2013-02-20

Wow really cool pixel art, the intro is amazing, i didn\'t play the game too much, but seems pretty cool.

Fitz (55 Gemas) 2013-02-05

Yeah, it\'s good ol\' AGS! I think I forgot to mention that in the description :) Aaanyway, thanks for playing and commenting!

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