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Endless Combat Dungeon

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Publicado em: 2019/07/07


Rpg Maker MV

A brutal dungeon crawler without any crawling. It's based on the old Wizardry games and board games like Dungeon Quest. Please feel free to leave any suggestions/quest ideas/item ideas/monster ideas, etc. #roguelike #rpg
Idioma: English  
Novidades: 19
Added POWER TOME, it converts hp to mp.
Endless Combat Dungeon
Endless Combat Dungeon
Comentários (19)
Ajuda de formatação
Wolod Profile (398 Gemas) 2019-07-23

I like it. Reminds me of Eye of the Beholder and Lands of Lore. Item and spell descriptions will be a good addition.

Sekayo (2649 Gemas) 2019-07-21

これらは何故かとても美しい デザインにとって素晴らしい瞬間です

galaga (857 Gemas) 2019-07-21

Very nice idea. I was totally in it! The music is great and also the sounds, the game never lags and the artworks are very nice. Perfect animations

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Endless Combat Dungeon
Endless Combat Dungeon
Endless Combat Dungeon
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