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Publicado em: 2020/10/25

Shoot em Up


Digital artist StudioDaeera invites you to come and try out a new twist on twin stick shooters: an inspired love letter to classic shoot 'em ups! Fully utilizing the PGMMV Game Engine and featuring a kick-ass stereo chiptune soundtrack composed by Firespike33. You don't want to miss this arcade styled experience! (GAMEPAD STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)
Idioma: English  
Novidades: 5
Took break to focus on my health. Coma State Eden has been updated! Bugs: ➥Fixed a bug that caused the game to soft lock if the player died on JeejeeJ. ➥Fixed bug that caused Burai's HP meter (on 1-HP Mode) not to change states to reflect weapon levels, or to change back to normal after triggering Lucid Mode. ➥Fixed bug that caused early appearance of Nightmare HP...
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Coma State Eden
Coma State Eden
Coma State Eden
Coma State Eden
Coma State Eden
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Staff Validada (Nível 16) 2021-08-26
The link to download the game is broken. Please, fix it as soon as possibile or we have to remove it.
Frezz (Nível 9) 2021-02-04
Is it inspired by a famous retro game?
lucyinthespace (Nível 15) 2020-10-26
#retrogame style! I will try it!
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