Beyond the Sky - Demo

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Help Selene escape from a mysterious dark forest and defeat her fears in an exciting and powerful point and click adventure that will test your wits with difficult but logical puzzles seamlessly integrated into the story.
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Beyond the Sky is finally for sale! Buy it on Steam:
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Beyond the Sky - Demo
Beyond the Sky - Demo
Beyond the Sky - Demo
Beyond the Sky - Demo
Beyond the Sky - Demo
Beyond the Sky - Demo
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Brim (Nível 10) 2019-12-31
Did you work on another game? I loved BTS!
Coopa (Nível 7) 2018-10-29
So sweet :*
wearevenom (Nível 10) 2018-10-09
is the chess puzzle only on the steam version? what are the difference between this free version and the steam version?
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