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A Landlord's Dream

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A short #cyberpunk point and click adventure game. A tale of faulty technology and good neighbourship
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**V1.2 UPDATE:** A Landlord's Dream is now available in #Spanish, thanks to Maximiliano Vaccaro ( - and #Italian. Also, new graphics for Load\Save\Quit GUIs have been implemented and it is now possible to skip dialogue at your own pace!
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A Landlord's Dream
A Landlord's Dream
A Landlord's Dream
Comentários (17)
Ajuda de formatação
Reofloor (772 Gemas) 2018-07-10

we need more games like this!

Michelle (1435 Gemas) 2018-03-15

are you working on a sequel?

Luis (7637 Gemas) 2018-01-21

the dialogues are veeeeeeeeeery long. and this is a little bit booring. It's very hard to follow all the plot. The stages are very nice with very good sprites, even if there are few animations. and several times the game looks very "static". I watched also your other games, the style used here is the best, but I prefered the puzzles in a night that w. e.

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