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Ucio's Quest

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Once upon a time, there was a boy named "Ucio". He lived in the village of Ljangiu.
One day he decided that was the right time to grow up and find a house. But the village's banks didn't want to give him the necessary money.... this was a big trouble....
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Ucio's Quest
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Fellowplayer (Poziom 22) 2018-01-05
More screenshots would help to see the game itself.
Kamaji (Poziom 11) 2014-08-24
And now there is also a video (you can see also the mini-bosses).
Kamaji (Poziom 11) 2014-08-24
Thanks, I\'m happy that you like the gameplay.
I know, the game \'landscape\' is poor, but this was my first game. I hope tha that next games I\'ll be able to care for a the graphic.
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