Touhou Danmaku Arena

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Opublikowany: 2013/08/02

Shoot em up


A missed crossover between danmaku and arena-shooter based on Touhou universe. Made for the Game Jam of RPG Maker Détente in 8h. Made with danmakufu................................. /!\ The video is a playthrough of the complete game.
Touhou Danmaku Arena
Touhou Danmaku Arena
Komentarze (6)
idmaker (151 Klejnoty)

oh yes!!!!!! that's a indie game. thumbs up!

Ephy Profile (671 Klejnoty)

It\'s a constest game. You can found the complete game here: But it\'s not exactly the same (only some parts are in the final game)

Marius (3224 Klejnoty)

is it demo or compleate ?

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