The Lady Puppet

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A short 2D Dark/Horror Adventure game with emphasis on exploration and atmosphere. It features light puzzle solving, stealth elements and a peculiar gameplay mechanic. Play as Lailah Reah and help her escape from the bizarre Clawhill, a place where people have been turned into puppets! #horror #adventure #female-protagonist #story-rich
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The Lady Puppet
The Lady Puppet
The Lady Puppet
The Lady Puppet
The Lady Puppet
The Lady Puppet
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lucyinthespace (Poziom 15) 2021-10-31
Interesting design and both the plot both the characters remember a lot a professional anime/manga. Are you an otaku?
YooriTakeshi (Poziom 6) 2021-05-15
Gioco horror fatto molto bene molto accurato il gioco e ancora da prolungare la storia farla ancora più spaventosa e di sicuro il gioco lo migliorerai ancora di più in modo che sarà ancora più bello che farà davvero paura
Ischenderun (Poziom 6) 2021-03-28
- Gameplay (5/5): simple game controls and communication. Fairly intuitive and smooth
- Music and sound effects (5/5): beautifully set with setting and terror scenes creating a climate of anxiety that in a game like this can't miss
- Graphics (5/5): mapping and setting interesting and out of the common areas of default seen and reviewed in games of this mold. Excellent drawings of the game images.
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