Tears of Yggdrasil

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The World Tree is dying, and your character is pulled into this world to save it. You have to journey through all of the different branches, from our world in Midgard to the highest branch of Asgard, and down to the lowest branch of Muspelheim. Each world has a different problem facing it, and only by uniting all of them, can you save the world tree. #visualnovel #fantasy
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we also have a patreon page if you guys wish to help and support us. more info on https://www.patreon.com/toyvn
Tears of Yggdrasil
Tears of Yggdrasil
Tears of Yggdrasil
Tears of Yggdrasil
Tears of Yggdrasil
Tears of Yggdrasil
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Luffy18 (Poziom 4) 2020-04-11
is a full version available soon?
mTSOULI Profile (Poziom 9) 2020-04-08
i like the story
AngelStarStudio Profile (Poziom 6) 2020-02-02
Love the name and the concept!
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