Avelions 4

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Rpg Maker VX

A simple action-RPG, similar to such classic as The Legend of Zelda, only with more MMORPG elements. Such as a job/class system, a main quest, sub-quests and a more free-roaming-style RPG.
Język: English   Bahasa Indonesia  
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v6.0.1 is out~ Faster attacks for all classes, Elmsh Stone fix, Game Master fix, Dialogue fix, Map fix, etc ***The English version is still not fully translated yet, so the language will be a mix (What a mess XD) between Bahasa & English.
Avelions 4
Avelions 4
Avelions 4
Komentarze (10)
Fellowplayer Profile (18570 Klejnoty) 2018-01-05

Is the video link broken?

VCent (372 Klejnoty) 2017-01-07

Interesting. Is it already in English, no?

MozRegit (1221 Klejnoty) 2016-11-16

nice #rpg !

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Avelions 4
Avelions 4
Avelions 4
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