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Choose your tank, your map and challenge your friends in an epic battle with the help of different and fun drops!
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If the update doesn't work go to %appdata%\Godot\app_userdata\STBL 3.0 and delete data.bin file
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Gale (Poziom 5) 2021-09-03
very tiny tanks and very funny to play. there are several bugs with the assets, but the game looks good. You should add also other features to make it more addictive. Like several weapons to use, to customize your tanks and improve the speed or the shield. So, it is good!
Best IndieGames (Poziom 16) 2020-12-05
This game is in the video about the Top 5 BEST NEW Indie Games of November 2020

YouTube Gameplay
lucyinthespace (Poziom 15) 2020-11-21
It lags on my pc, but it looks amazing!!
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